We bought our first house!

I am so excited to finally tell you guys that Romke and I bought our first house! Ohhhh that’s way it has been so quiet over here.  We started our house search late 2016. It went actually pretty easy, we shared the same taste, desires and we both preferred an old house. To us, it didn’t really mattered where the house was located, we are used to do everything by car. This was the third house we visited and we were instantly sold! And so was the house!


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Saturdays are my favorite kind of days! A lot of people will agree with me on this, it’s the first day of the weekend and Monday feels so far away… But this day is entirely mine! Romke always spends Saturdays on the soccer field so I have this day all to myself! I know this may sound that I’m happy that he is away, I’m definitely not. But I always try to make the best out of something. I usually sleep in just a little bit, go for a walk, clean the house, do all the laundry and then….

Faux Fur Jacket

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Hi there baby dolls! First of all: my website’s fixed!!! YAAAAASS!!! Was it even broken then?  I did not wanted to publish anything until my Disqus comments plugin was working again. It had stressed me out so much, but it is working again! Now if that hasn’t excited me enough… I have tickets for the Beyoncé Formation World Tour!!!! Those are a lot of exclamation points for the first couple of sentences of a blogpost but I’m really excited! I had to have tickets again! It has kind of become an annual tradition for me to see Queen B perform! Did any of you got tickets for the Formation tour?