Sneekweek Diary

Goodmorning dolls! Have you all survived the start of the week? And how was your weekend? I had a great one! There was time to relax but I also worked on a lot of things during the evenings. With this post I’m going to show you my diary of the Sneekweek. The Sneekweek is Europe’s largest inshore sailing regatta which is being held in my hometown, Sneek. It is a yearly returning event and it used to last a week, but this year it was officially extended to 9 days. Those nine days are filled with parties, various events and lots of flowing liquids. When I was younger I used to keep this whole week free to not miss a thing. This year I partied a little bit less until the break of dawn but I sure didn’t have less fun!

The picture above is from Friday – opening night – with my beautiful babes! It’s a tradition to sit in my front garden with a bunch of friends and just check out everyone who’s headed into town. I live in the city centre so it’s really busy out on the streets.

Our front garden was filled with bottles of bubbly.

This was my outfit for the first night. I wore my black Nougat pencil skirt, my black Zara heels and my On The Run concert t-shirt.

The harbour in our city was packed with boats and yachts. I love to see all those lights on a summer night, so cosy!

I was having a slow morning on Saturday, haha. But in the afternoon I decided to have drinks with friends in the city. Afterwards, Marije & I toured around town in those little tourist trains, hahah.

This is our ‘tradition’ since last year: taking Captain Frank’s boat out to Starteiland with a group of friends on Sunday! 😉

Chilled drinks on board.

I am not that big on alcohol but this Liefmans is my favorite!

This is Starteiland (Startisland), the place were all the sailing happens! But also where all the cosiness is on Sunday and Wednesday.

Hanging out on Starteiland with these hotties!

Sneekweek Diary | Layla Rosita

Loving the summer!

On the boat with my brother, Stan!

On Monday we went to support DJ Puri at Bruut! These parties are dedicated to urban, hiphop and house music. It was the best night of the whole Sneekweek! Ronnie Flex also performed later that night.

IMG_2334.JPGI ran into these babes at Bruut! We had such a great evening! I hated it so much that I had to work the next morning. My alarm clock went off at 05.30 AM, ugh!


I snapped some outfit pictures too, they’re coming online soon!

On Wednesday we went to Starteiland again with a group of friends. The weather was so nice! Unfortunately I didn’t took any more pictures, but at the end of the afternoon I went aboard on a boat of a friend and sailed the rest of the day. And that’s where the Sneekweek ended for me! I sat out in my front garden for the rest of the evenings but on Saturday I was headed to Groningen again.

What do you think of the Sneekweek? Does it seem like something you would like to go to?

Love, Layla

  • You are so pretty! Seems like you’ve been having lots of fun. I want the wine nowww lol

    Agnes x

    • Layla

      Ahw thank you sweetheart! * blush * Yes, it was a great week! Hahah you can have it girl! 😉 Xx

  • A whole week of parties? Yes please! It looks like you had so much fun. All I want is to be on a boat right now.

    Rachael at

    • Layla

      Hahah, it really is a giant festival for 9 days long. All your responsibilities are nowhere to be found during those days. Yeah, I love to be on a boat too during summer, I wish I had one myself! Xoxo

  • This looks so fun! Amazing photos and I love your black and white look

    • Layla

      Merci lovely!! 🙂 Xx

  • May

    In love with your outfit! It’s wonderful that you enjoyed your weekend so much! 🙂

    May | THE MAYDEN

    • Layla

      Thank you girl! 🙂 I hope you have a great weekend! Xx

  • t

    You’re officially one of my favourite bloggers, keep up the great work! xxx

    Ghost Girl Fragrance- Dare to be YOU!

    • Layla

      That’s one massive compliment babe! You made my day! 🙂 Thank you for stopping by pretty! Xxx

  • I love the idea of sneekweek, it looks and sounds like so much fun! It looks like you had a lovely time with friends and family! 🙂

    Heather Xx

  • Layla

    Here it’s the time of the year when you get together with all your current and former friends from school – or just growing up – to have a great time! Everybody seems to be getting along then, that’s what I probably love most about it, haha. 🙂 Thank you for your comment lovely, Xxx