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Saturdays are my favorite kind of days! A lot of people will agree with me on this, it’s the first day of the weekend and Monday feels so far away… But this day is entirely mine! Romke always spends Saturdays on the soccer field so I have this day all to myself! I know this may sound that I’m happy that he is away, I’m definitely not. But I always try to make the best out of something. I usually sleep in just a little bit, go for a walk, clean the house, do all the laundry and then….

… I’ll catch up on my favorite shows, Youtube channels and work on my blog! This day I can listen to the music that I want to, eat whatever I feel like, watch the tv-shows that like… The entire day is about quality time with myself. Every Saturday I have my favorite lunch: avocado on toast with bacon, tomatoes and red pepper flakes. What’s your favorite avocado combo?

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On Wednesday it was time for the Dutchies to head to the polls to elect our next Prime Minister and to form our new government. Yes, I voted! And I’m happy with the results!

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An elevator selfie at work! Of course you babes catch me wearing all black everything. It has been my go-to outfit combo for the last couple of months haha! HOWBOWDAH?! Because of savings and other big spending I haven’t bought a lot of clothes lately. But I do wanna look fancy pancy so I just wear black, haha! How do you like my military coat?

Layla Rosita | | dinner, pizza, friends, food On Thursday we had the most amazing spring weather! I met up with friends in the city after work to grab a bite and have some drinks! The sun was still shining at 18:00 and it felt like it was a long summer evening. It just made me so happy! And I was hangry, haha. But when the pizza arrived I didn’t even ate the half of it. My stomach was so full and hurting I could barely walk back tot the station! At these moments I always promise myself I will never let it come to that point again but that always seems to fail! Food is life.Β 

How are you going to spend you weekend and what’s your favorite thing about Saturday?