New Years Getaway

New Years Getaway | Layla Rosita,

Happy 2016 dolls! I hope you had a great New Years Eve! How were your Christmas celebrations? Did you spend some wonderful time with your closest friends and family? It went by all so fast… Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year, but last year was the first time that I didn’t had that good ol’ Christmas feeling. I guess I was too caught up in other things (work, preparing for my trip) to get the Christmas vibes.

I am sorry for the radio silence the past couple of days. I went on a trip with friends on Wednesday for the New Years. We rented a house in the woods in Winterberg, Germany. There was no Wi-Fi at the house we were staying in and actually, I was kind off digging it. It gave me a bit of peace after such busy days. But of course it was a bit stressing since I couldn’t do any work for my blog this way. I could’ve created a hotspot with my phone, but I decided to leave that one off as well. I guess it was time for a detox!

I arrived back home Saturday evening and I have a lot of catching up to do! I will show you all the pictures later, I even vlogged a little bit while I was there but I have to see if it’s enough to edit it as a full vlog!

It was a wonderful way to spend New Years. All the days were so cozy and we laughed so much! We basically spent our time by eating, playing games, dancing, singing, drinking and some more eating! 😉

How did you spend Christmas and New Years?

Love, Layla