Merry Christmas babes!

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Merry Christmas to you all sweethearts! I hope everyone is celebrating the holidays surrounded by their loved ones. I am currently typing this from the couch at my parent’s place, sitting next to Christmas tree, catching a glimpse of The Wizard of Oz. Today is the first day of Christmas, but ours has already started on Saturday! But actually, my Christmas holiday has started on Thursday!

I’m wearing an all black everything – duh, what else – outfit, consisting of a loosely fitted ruffle dress, Wolford tights and black leather pumps. During these kinds of evenings, I’m busy with preparing food and pouring the drinks amongst other things, so I think it’s important to wear something comfortable. Plusssss, it’s nice to have some room for all the delicious foods and not worry about a food baby in a tight dress. 

Layla Rosita | | #fashionblog #lifestyleblog #travelblogMy brother and I, on Thursday we had our annual Christmas party at the office. Even though I was the designated driver, I had an entertaining evening with lots of my co-workers! A great night to kick off the Christmas holiday.

Layla Rosita | | #fashionblog #lifestyleblog #travelblog

I had the day off on Friday and as soon as I woke up I drove to Lisa. We planned the whole day by doing our Christmas shopping together. We went to the market to buy lots of fresh ingredients for our Christmas dinner on Saturday. After all the heavy lifting we did we got a little hungry, so we snacked on some organic fries at Frietstudio in Leeuwarden. Very recommendable! Later that night I drove to Sneek to follow up on our family tradition: having drinks at the Walrus with my parents and my brother.

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Romke and I hosted a Christmas dinner party on Saturday for our friends. Here you can catch a glimpse of our living room. It is still under construction though! What do you think of my table setting?

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Time to prepare our dinner! Firstly, Romke treated us on carpaccio. Afterwards, he served a spoom (a cocktail made with limoncello, prosecco and lime sherbet). Lisa and I made coq au vin, haricot verts with pancetta and pommes duchesse and Rudmer made a chocolate dessert.

Layla Rosita | | #tablesetting #partydecor #carpaccio #christmas

Romke’s serving of carpaccio! He placed all the toppings on the table so everyone could make the carpaccio to their own taste. Everything turned out damn fine, it was such a delicious dinner and a lot of fun! We played some games after dinner and stayed up for a long time.

I won’t annoy you with any more food pics, even though I have enough of them on my phone, haha. I spent Christmas Eve at my parents’ place and also Christmas Day! We’re currently slowly heading towards Christmas dinner. In Holland we’re celebrating two Christmas days, so tomorrow will be the Second Christmas Day. Romke and I will be spending it together at our home. Maybe we will even throw in some remodeling.

How are you spending Christmas and what was on your menu? I am curious!

Have a jolly Christmas everyone! <3