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For months I was looking forward to be sharing a very exciting and proud story by the end of March. But I’m afraid that I don’t have such a happy story to share after all….

You see, Romke and I had been working towards something great for months – which I will be sharing soon – and two days after that day we had both been waiting for, Romke’s dad suddenly passed away. Our hearts broke into thousand pieces and our life turned upside down…

It was a Sunday night and Romke and I just headed to bed when the police banged at our door. I will never forget the look in Romke’s eyes when we heard the tragic news. My heart also broke into pieces for him. We just couldn’t believe it, it was all so sudden, gone forever. He never had the chance to say goodbye to his father. There are so many thoughts running through our minds when we think of it.

The contrast between these two events is so big, we were celebrating a milestone in our life and suddenly, he was arranging his dads cremation. At this moment we’re doing okay, Romke is doing okay and he has been very strong. But it is al so hectic right now and we are more than busy.

On a good note, I was celebrating Easter with my family and friends. The picture above was taken on Easter Sunday in front of my parents house. It felt good to be home for a little while. My parents had spend hours in the kitchen (including my brother) to prepare lots of homemade tapas. Look at all the yummy bites below!

Layla Rosita | http://laylarosita.com #easter #food #tapas #yummy

In such a state of mind you realize what’s really important in life. It’s not about money, clothes and other material things, but it’s about health, love, family and friends. Let that be a lesson to you all today babes: cherish the little things. Don’t take things for granted, it can be over in a  split second. Stay tuned, because I will be sharing our news very soon!

Lots of love to you all!