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Travel Diary: Mallorca Part 1

Travel Diary of Mallorca, Part 1 | Layla Rosita,

Hi there pretties! So how about five months after my vacation I finally start posting my travel diary of Mallorca?! Shaaaaaaaaame, like Mitchell Pritchett would say. But better late than never, right? I took so many pictures (about 500!) and these posts are going to be very extended! I probably have to divide this up to 4 posts. Don’t worry, I’m not going to post all the pictures I took. 😉 Going through all these pretty pictures during winter makes me appreciate the sun, sand and sea so much! I booked 11 days in Cala d’Or, but I also traveled around the island as well.

I’ve booked a vacation!

We've booked a vacation!

After 3,5 years without any sun, sand and sea I can’t believe this day has finally come: I booked a summer vacation! I have been fantasizing about a vacation for so long that we can’t still believe I’m actually going, haha.