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Travel Diary: How I spent 5 days on Ibiza

How I spent 5 days on Ibiza |, Layla Rosita | group photo, travel, travelguide, traveldiary

How do you survive on an island with 10 women!? With a destination as beautiful as Ibiza, it’s easy. To escape just a little bit from work, pressure, obligations, problems among other things, we exchanged the autumn weather in Holland for a sunny and warm Ibiza. I didn’t have much time to explore the island in the Mediterranean sea, but I wanted to see as much as possible! So how did I spent 5 days on Ibiza?

Travel Diary: Mallorca Part 2

Travel Diary Part 2, Mallorca, Spain | Layla Rosita,

Hello babes! This part 2 of my travel diary of Mallorca is waayyyy overdue! My apologies honeys! The next part won’t take so long to publish! It’s the editing and selecting of the pictures that always take such a long time. The travel diaries of my latest two travel destinations – Basel and Winterberg – are already standing in the publish cue and I can’t wait to show them to you! But I figured I’ll have to finish the Mallorca travel diaries first!

New Years Getaway

New Years Getaway | Layla Rosita,

Happy 2016 dolls! I hope you had a great New Years Eve! How were your Christmas celebrations? Did you spend some wonderful time with your closest friends and family? It went by all so fast… Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year, but last year was the first time that I didn’t had that good ol’ Christmas feeling. I guess I was too caught up in other things (work, preparing for my trip) to get the Christmas vibes.