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The weekend got me feeling like…

Happy Friday loves! What is up!? I just wanted to do a quick post since I haven’t been around much the last two weeks! I am so happy it’s the weekend, but actually my weekend already started at Wednesday 17.30 PM. My boss gave me Thursday off to study for my upcoming exam. I have another Finance exam on Monday! So that’s where my head has been at lately…

Recent Things

Recent Things | Layla Rosita,

Hi bombshells! How is everyone doing? Its time for a new recent things! From now on I will try to do a recent things every two months. I think that’s a new rule I should set for myself, and get a lil’ consistency around here! 😉 The weeks are flying by so fast! It was just New Years and now January is almost over… Insane! Which one of you is following Pretty Little Liars? The first two episodes have aired now and I haven’t watched them yet! I’m too nervous to watch! Who has seen them already?

Christmas Gift guide 2015

Christmas gift guide 2015 | Layla Rosita,

Hello babes! Christmas is right around the corner, have you already crossed your items off your list? I’m not giving any presents this year. I have an exciting trip planned for New Years. But I’ll tell you about that later! 😉 To help you do some last minute shopping, I made a Christmas gift guide!

Recent Things

Recent Things | Layla Rosita,

Hi loves! I thought it would be time for a ‘recent things’ again. I even have some pics left from the last days of summer, I decided to share them anyway even if it has been a while! My schedule has been crazy the last couple of months. I had my struggles with working on the blog lately, I just can’t find the time! It’s just that I’m working late on weekdays often and my mind is just completely shut down after a busy day. How do you girls cope with that? When I’m free I have to study a lot for exams, but I believe that I have learned to plan a little bit ahead and post more often than I did.

Sneekweek – On Set

Hello sweethearts! A couple posts ago, I told you about the Sneekweek, a week full of festivals and parties in my hometown. Early spring 2015, it was announced that a movie will be based on this yearly returning event. The movie is a sexy thriller-comedy and carries the title ‘Sneekweek‘. The storyline is about 6 friends who are visiting the Sneekweek, but during the sailing events they are being plagued by a psychopath…. Soooo, why am I telling you all this? Because I was selected to be a part of this awesome movie!