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Merry Christmas babes!

Layla Rosita | | #fashion #merrychristmas #partyoutfit

Merry Christmas to you all sweethearts! I hope everyone is celebrating the holidays surrounded by their loved ones. I am currently typing this from the couch at my parent’s place, sitting next to Christmas tree, catching a glimpse of The Wizard of Oz. Today is the first day of Christmas, but ours has already started on Saturday! But actually, my Christmas holiday has started on Thursday!

Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap | Layla Rosita, | streetstyle, summer fashion outfit, ootd

Hi babydolls! How is everyone spending their last days of summer? I am enjoying my holiday to the fullest and I thought it was time to give you a weekend recap! Romke and I started our weekend by having an Italian dinner on Friday night. My outfit for that night consisted solely of old items, can you tell?

First day of our holiday!

First day of our holiday | Layla Rosita, | fashion, streetstyle, sunny lunch

YAAAAAAASSSS BABES! Today was officially the first day of our holiday! We are having two weeks off. I am so excited, it is also really welcome too, for the both of us! We only had to work Friday morning and afterward, we went to Groningen to have lunch in the sun and go to IKEA. Yesssssss finally some furniture!


Sunflowers while working out | Layla Rosita, | nature, sunflowers, workout, nike, celine sunglasses

Hi babes! How is everyone enjoying their summer? Or, if you are on the other side of  the world, their winter? I cannot wait for our vacation to start! I have to work for 7 more days! Unfortunately, we’re not going on a sunny vacay this summer but I’m still looking forward to our two weeks off. An exotic destination wasn’t in our budget this year- duh girl you just bought a house and a new car -,  but I have also two other trips planned later this year. Aaaaand in March ’18 I’m headed to a very fun and exciting destination. So I’m definitely not the one to complain and I wont, but nevertheless a ticket to a sunny beach would do me, or actually us, very good.

Sweater Love

Layla Rosita | | sweater love, fashion, ootd, chanel bag

Right before I had my birthday, Romke took me out to dinner on Sunday. We had Italian and I ordered a pizza! Duuuuhhhh, pizza is life. I wore my new silver metallic heels that I bought on sale at ZARA! Aren’t they fierce? I combined them with my favorite comfy grey sweater. Whenever I go somewhere, have a sleepover or go away for the weekend, I bring that sweater. Always. I’m so in love with it. But I really need to find a replacement soon because this one is starting to get a little bit old. Any suggestions sweeties?