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Fragrances to wear at the beach

Fragrances to wear on the beach

There’s a big chance that while you’re reading this, I’m actually relaxing at one of the exquisite beaches of Mallorca. We all know that it is better not to wear fragrances while we’re out in the sun. Most perfumes contain a certain percentage of alcohol, and alcohol is photosensitive. The sun could burn the skin in the spots where you have applied perfume, so you are risking developing a body covered in little dark circles. But this doesn’t mean that you have to part from a nice scent while the sun is shining. There are some delightful fragrances that you can actually spritz on whilst in your bikini.

May wishlist

May wishlist

Hi babes! I’m sorry I haven’t been around as much as I wanted to the last couple of days, but I really had to focus on some other things than blogging. I started a new job last week and as most of jobs do, they come with a lot of new info and impressions! This all takes some time to take in but it can be a bit exhausting at the beginning. I also started a new study that comes with my new job. I know, I know, only 2 weeks after graduation I have to start studying again! Haha, but I don’t mind. I have this crazy urge that I always want to develop myself, learn new things or improve some skills. I just can’t sit back and do nothing. Besides that, my best friend is spending some time in Holland so you can imagine that we have a lot of catching up to do! As I’m running out of excuses ;),  I did spend some time on my blog backstage. I have worked on a lot of new ideas and articles, so you should definitely stay tuned! As for now, take a peek on my May wishlist!

Newest additions: Beauty

I ran out of a lot of make-up products these last couple of weeks so it was time to buy some new ones. This time I chose to buy products that I haven’t used before. It was time to update my beauty routine and learn about some new products! Before I did that, I’d probably watched about 30 Youtube video’s and read maybe 35 blogposts on different beauty products. I think its important to choose wisely — because beauty products can be pretty expensive — but these video’s and blogposts always make me so greedy! Am I the only one? 

Quick tip: Nail polish remover pads

Nail polish remover pads

Happy Friday loves! Who’s excited for the weekend?! I certainly am! I’m having a birthday party planned of a friend this weekend! But today is still all about work! I have to prepare my Spanish thesis defense for Tuesday, translate my thesis in English and work on some things for the blog. That last thing I hardly ever consider work, since I have such a great time doing it! 🙂 Today I have a quick product tip that I’d like to share with you: Nail polish remover pads.