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Christmas Gift guide 2015

Christmas gift guide 2015 | Layla Rosita,

Hello babes! Christmas is right around the corner, have you already crossed your items off your list? I’m not giving any presents this year. I have an exciting trip planned for New Years. But I’ll tell you about that later! 😉 To help you do some last minute shopping, I made a Christmas gift guide!

Realash Eyelash Enhancer Review – 6 Weeks Update

Realash Eyelash Enhancer Review

Hey you babes! About some time ago, I was contacted by Realash to review their latest Eyelash Enhancer. It promises 83% longer and 79% fuller lashes after 3 months. You can read my introductory post here. To me, it was perfect timing because my lashes were a bit damaged from wearing eyelash extensions on vacation. I started applying it six weeks ago and it is time for my first update!

Realash Eyelash Enhancer

Realash Eyelash Enhancer | Layla Rosita

Hello babes, time to talk some beauty! Which one of you tries every new it-mascara on the market, hoping it does some miracle to the length or the fullness of their lashes? I do. Guilty. I always find my lashes to be normal — just plain — lashes. They are rather brittle and short, and there’s definitely no curling action going on there. Of course I’ve tried eyelash extensions multiple times. While I absolutely love extensions when they’ve just been done (and I believe it’s ideal on a beachy vacay too), after the first week they start to get tangled up and irritate me. This is where I start to lose my own lashes and regret I took them in the first place. I also had eyelash extensions during my last trip to Mallorca. I loved not having to wear mascara, but when I removed the extensions 4 weeks later, I could see the damage it did to my own lashes. And at that very moment, Realash contacted me to test and review their product: a lash enhancer that will add volume and length to your lashes and enhance their overall appearance. Talking about perfect timing.