We bought our first house!

I am so excited to finally tell you guys that Romke and I bought our first house! Ohhhh that’s way it has been so quiet over here.  We started our house search late 2016. It went actually pretty easy, we shared the same taste, desires and we both preferred an old house. To us, it didn’t really mattered where the house was located, we are used to do everything by car. This was the third house we visited and we were instantly sold! And so was the house!

In my previous blogpost I wrote that Romke and I had been working towards something great for a really long time, our house was that something great! We placed an offer right before Christmas, we bought it in January and then we signed the mortgage deed by the end of March. We were beyond happy when we made it official. But unfortunately our happiness didn’t last long when only two days after receiving the keys, we also received the news about Romke’s dad. Instead of working on our house, we were working on his funeral amongst many other sad things. It was a very challenging time, and it still is, but things do get better in time and I promised myself not to dedicate this post to our feelings towards our loss but towards our new home!

The house is detached, has 6 bedrooms, 1,5 bathroom, 1 fireplace, a double garage, for Dutch standards: it’s huge! I call it Villa Blanca, hahah. We have A LOT of things to do in the house. Some areas haven’t been touched up in 30 years. Actually, every single room needs to be redone. Except for the toilet maybe, haha. We are dedicating every second of our free time to our new home. Yup, very quiet on the blog here… We stripped down our kitchen, our living room, our new bedroom and added a new space to our living room. At this moment, only our bedroom has been rebuild. But it’s not totally finished yet. So the rest of the house is complete chaos! We are trying to do everything ourselves, so on the bright side: we do get really handy from this, haha.

It doesn’t really feel as our home yet, but I’m sure it will very soon. I can’t wait for the floors to be laid in our kitchen and living room! And of course…. For the kitchen to arrive! Currently we don’t really have kitchen and we’re getting fed up with soup, takeout and snacks.

One last note, the reason why it took so long for the post to be up on the blog was that I wanted to have a picture of Romke and me in front of the house. I didn’t want it to be a selfie and I didn’t want to take it in our old clothes (that we’re constantly wearing during renovating)… So the hold up was the picture! But thanks to Joyce we have one now! 🙂 Shame on us, hahah. Oh and the internet was only working in one area of the house, but it’s better now!

Any tips for renovating girllllss? Who has renovated their house before? And what do you think of the house so far?

Would you ladies like to see before and after pics? Let me know!

Lots of love!



  • Congrats!!! What an exciting milestone. I love it.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

    • Thank you sweetheart! Yes, I’m still so excited every day, even after two months! Xoxo

  • Yeyy congrats! Must be so exciting although it’s so sad about your man’s dad. 🙁 But it’s good that you have something wonderful to focus on as well.


    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment babe.<3 Yes, the contrast is so big! Its good to focus on wonderful things these days and build something great together. But it really put our feet back on the ground too. xoxo!

  • Congrats! That is seriously so exciting and the house is soo cute!! I love the outside of it, and OMG it has sooo many bedrooms!
    How exciting for you both!

    Denise | Fashion Love Letters

    • Merci pretty!!! I am still so super excited every single day! I can’t for it all to come together. Yes, sooooo many bedrooms, but also a lot of work, haha. But its all worth it! 😀 Kisses!

  • That house is so cute, 6 bedrooms that is massive! I love old houses too

    • Thanks cutie!! Yes, it’s quite big! (especially compared to the houses here in Holland) Also: so much to clean, hahah. No I’m kidding, I absolutely love it! Enjoy your Sunday babe, xoxo

  • Kate

    What a gorgeous house! I love places with a lot of character like this. Congratulations! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

    • Thank you so much sweetheart!! Yes me too!! 🙂 <3

  • What a cute house! Congrats for being homeowners!

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

  • Carmen Jny (carmitive)

    Aaw congrats, that’s so amazing! Happy decorating 🙂 I hope you feel comfortable in your new home!
    xx, Carmen – http://www.carmitive.com

  • Congrats girl! This is such an exciting chapter for you guys! Your house is seriously adorable and I know that it will look great no matter what you decide to do with it. I cannot wait to see what it looks like after you add your personal touch!


  • Mes Voyages à Paris

    Congratulations!! The house is so cute!! Enjoy your new sweet home!!
    Mónica Sors

  • Congrats on your new purchase, so exciting!

    xx, Kris


  • Merel van Poorten

    Wow, this is so exciting!!
    6 bedrooms is amazing!

    X Merel

  • A huge congratulations on your new home! How exciting for you both, it looks beautiful 🙂

    Laura xo

  • CoRina Culeva

    Congratulation on your new home, dear! This is a huge achievement and an important step in everyone’s life!
    Don’t worry about the work, I am sure you will make it beautiful!

    xo Corina

  • Kim

    Congratulations! Lovely picture of you two in front of your beautiful home! SIX bedrooms?! That would be crazy expensive and probably unattainable for me, where I live in Connecticut. Can’t wait for a house tour! Bet you will decorate it beautifully.

    Simply Lovebirds

  • This is so exciting! Congratulations!!


  • Congrats Such an exciting time! I would love to see more & how you decorate!


  • Chantal Liatowitsch

    Hi Layla! I’m sorry to hear about Romke’s dad!!:(( stay strong!!!
    but how excited that you will renovate your own house! my husband and I found also a house to buy after 2yrs of searching and hopefully we can start the beginning of next year to renovate! would love to see before/after pics and some renovation updates of your house:)xx Chantal

  • Sonia Makosso

    Congrats !! it is such an exciting and big step, we bought our house 7 months ago and I really don’t regret making that move, one advice : take your time to renovate room by room because it can easily get super expensive $$$ 🙂