Bestie Bond

Today is a really exciting and special day for me, because my bestie Amna from Australia touches down in Amsterdam in a few hours and she will be staying with us for 2,5 weeks! I have been looking forward to this day for soooo long! Amna is originally from here, but she and her boyfriend moved to Brisbane 4,5  years ago. Ever since then I have only seen her twice and I can’t wait to hold her in my arms today!

The picture from above is probably from 6 years ago. Do you spot my babyface!? When we were younger we would always drive in our cars late at night, blasting our favorite music (Apologize by One Republic ft. Timbaland, hello Gossip Girl!), going to random places where we wound up in the greatest adventures.

Two years ago, Amna and her boyfriend Max fooled everyone when they said they were going on a vacation to the Fiji Islands. Instead, she showed up in my bathroom on a Saturday morning while I was taking a shower. I couldn’t believe my eyes, it was like I saw a ghost. But she was really there, standing in my bathroom. The tears were overflowing of course, it was the best surprise in my whole life.

Even though there has been 16183.54 kilometers between us for over 4 years, we always feel so connected to each other. We don’t talk to each other every week, we don’t Skype a lot (mainly because my internet connections at home sucks), but we just know that we’re each others soulmate and that this special bond between us will never break.

Yesterday I spoke to her while the plane was boarding. If felt so great to say: “See you tomorrow.” to each other. Imagining that she was literally at the other side of the world when we said it. The only hard part about her visiting is that we have to say goodbye all over again when she leaves. Especially because you don’t know for how long you won’t see each other. But maybe this time it gets a bit easier when we say goodbye… Because I am planning to visit them next January for a couple of weeks, so I can enjoy the Australian summer with them!

But first, I’ll enjoy the time she’s here now and make the very best of it! It’s her birthday as well while she’s here, that makes it extra special!

Do you have a bestie who lives further away than you would like to? How do you manage your friendship to last?

Love, Layla

  • Candice

    Such a great story – I don’t really have friends let alone a friend who is not in the same country as me.. So no

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  • Rachel

    Love the adorable photos, have a blast with your friend! My bestie lives a few hours away from me but we see each other often enough 🙂


    • Layla

      Thanks Rachel, so sweet! We had a blast for sure! Xx

  • Oh. My. Goodness. How are you surviving?! Haha if I was away from my best friend that long I’d be a mess. I just tried imagining it and it actually made me sad. It’s pretty cool how you dont actually have to be next to each other to still feel that deep bond and friendship. It helps though 🙂 I’m so happy for you, have a ton of fun these next two weeks!!

    xo marlen
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    • Layla

      Hahaha I know! It is really hard, but especially in the beginning! I was a mess for sure! Thanks for your sweet comment babe! xoxo

  • Ah, geweldig dat je vriendin vandaag hierheen komt! Geniet van jullie tijd samen!

    • Layla

      Dankjewel Anouk! Super lief!! Xx

  • Lovely post – I’m originally from Brisbane, Australia and have recently moved to Melbourne, Australia 🙂 Small world! Hope you have an awesome time when she’s there <3 x
    check my blog out if you like x

  • Aw, how lovely! I feel you girl. One of my best friends lives in Rome and I live in Australia (near Brisbane actually!) it does make it hard that we’re in different time zones. We don’t skype too much but we do message quite a bit. I’ve visited her twice in Rome so now it’s her turn to come back over here for a visit! It’s so far away but it’s so worth it to be reunited. A girls gotta have her best friend! So nice how you’re reunited. Enjoy it 🙂 x.

  • Awww yay! I’m so excited for you guys to catch up 🙂 most, or like at least a lot of my friends live super far away. iMessage, Skype, Whatsapp, Facetime and all of those things are life and friendship savers!

    XO Naomi in Wonderland

    • Layla

      Thanks sweety! Wow, most of your friends live far away? That seems so hard too! Yes, technology today is a friendship saver! 😉 Love!

  • this is wonderful, I wish you guys the most fun during your time together!

  • Hi! I also have long-distance friendships but when I do see them, which is very rarely, it feels like we were never apart and the bond is still there. I guess that’s true friendship 😉

    x Josune, Your Beauty Script ❤

  • It’s always hard to manage such a friendship. I use Skype and mails to handle it (:
    Nati xx