About Me

Layla Rosita | laylarosita.com

Hi beautiful!

My name is Layla,  and I am the girl behind Layla Rosita. I am a Business Administration graduate and currently I work fulltime in finance. Whenever I’m not working with my calculator, I love being creative and inspire other people!

This blog will be my personal place where I share the things that I’m passionate about. But most likely I will share articles related to my love for fashion, obsession with beauty and passion for interior design.

I am the type of woman who is a dream chaser, a supporter, an optimist who is never done learning. And I would like to share my positivity with all of you!

Besides that, I am an avid tea drinker, world traveler,  chocolate addict, daydreamer, extreme napper, nature and animal lover, Beyoncé idolizer, morning runner, Pretty Little Liars fangirl and much more!

Care to find out? Check in with me often to see what I’ve been up to!